In Lightroom there are a number of ways you can change the magnification [zoom ratio] of images on the screen.

The most basic controls are in the Library module, where you have Grid [thumbnails] and Loupe [full screen] views. Use G for Grid and E for Loupe. Easy, right? You can also double-click a thumbnail to open that photo in Loupe, or double click a Loupe preview to return to Grid.

Here’s more: when you’re in Loupe view, you have a number of ways to magnify the image even more. My favorite is the same shortcut as in Photoshop: Cmd= (Ctrl=) to zoom in, and Cmd– (Ctrl–) to zoom out.

Then there’s the space bar. Tapping the space bar will toggle your view between the two most recently used zoom ratios.

Last but not least, the Navigator panel (Library and Develop modules) contains a preview of the image in which you can "navigate", plus a list of zoom ratios at the top. Click the far right ratio for a dropdown menu where you can specify a zoom ratio.

I hope this gives you some new ways to zoom in and out of your images. Depending on where you are in Lightroom and what task you’re working to accomplish, a different zoom method may be more useful.

Feel free to post questions and comments!

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