Workshop: Photography as Fine Art, July 2015

Abstract Photograph: Matador by Nat CoalsonLaramie County Community College, Cheyenne campus

Monday July 13 – Friday July 17, 2015
9 a.m. – 3 p.m. each day

Gallery Open House Thursday July 16, 6-8 pm

Are you a dedicated photographer looking to hone your craft? Have you wanted to learn the best ways to finish your work and present it for sale?

Whether you love nature, travel, portraits or any other kind of photography, there are key principles and fundamental techniques every photographer needs to know to elevate your work to fine art.

This five-day hands-on intensive workshop will give you the knowledge and skills to take your photography to the highest levels of quality while expressing your personal vision.

 The big picture… and the fine details
The workshop will include a balanced mix of lecture presentations and hands-on instruction, both in the classroom and in the field. You will learn examples and get instruction on lighting, composition and other elements that demonstrate an exceptional photograph. The topics presented are the most important best practices for working at the highest levels of image making and will give each student the foundation they need to develop their own body of work with confidence. A portion of the workshop will include shooting and post-production work.

Mezzaluna e MelagraneKey topics of instruction will include:

• Fundamental principles and history of photography as fine art
• Working with light
• Composition and design
• Digital post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop
• Color management
• Fine art digital printing
• Finishing, mounting and framing
• Portfolios and presentation
• Working with photo reps, galleries and museums
• Group and individual image critiques

One RockLocation shoots will be held on campus and/or offsite; there are areas on campus and within 15 minutes of the school that would be appropriate for location shoots. (For outdoor shooting sessions held offsite, LCCC will provide transportation.)

Printed course notes and supporting reference materials will be provided to students.

With a small class size limited to 15 students, each participant will receive personalized, one-on-one instruction in addition to participating in group lectures and exercises.

Open enrollment
This workshop is open to all photographers working at any skill level. There are no pre-requisites for enrollment and interviews or portfolio reviews are not required. However, understanding photography fundamentals such as basic camera operation and an interest in developing your own specific photographic style will be helpful.

Great Cloister, Fountains Abbey, Ripon, EnglandGallery exhibitions
A gallery show will be held as part of the workshop. The instructor and students are invited to bring 3-4 framed pieces to be displayed in the school gallery. At the Gallery Open House we will also present a digital show of photographs taken during the week.

Register now – space is limited
You will come away from this workshop with the skills and knowledge to begin making fine art photographs immediately!

$300 per person
To register call Lisa Trimble at 307-432-1603

Abstract Nature Photograph: Flow III by Nat CoalsonAbout the Instructor
Nathaniel Coalson is a fine artist, travel photographer, writer and instructor based in Colorado and England. Nat specializes in providing fine art and creative services used in commercial interior design. He has worked in the arts industries for over 25 years; in addition to fine art photography Nat has worked professionally in graphic design, digital prepress and printing. Nat’s work has been exhibited internationally, received numerous awards and is held in private and corporate collections as well as commercial installations.

Nat is an Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom and Photoshop and an author of many books on photography and imaging, including the popular series Lightroom: Streamlining Your Digital Photography Process and Nature Photography Photo Workshop published by Wiley and distributed worldwide. Nat is an experienced instructor who has taught photographers working at all levels. He provides training and consulting in photography, printing and digital imaging for private and corporate clients. Nat is also the writer and producer of the photography instruction web site

For more information and to see Nat’s work visit and

Testimonials for Nat’s Instruction

“Nat is an excellent teacher who makes complex technical subjects easy to understand and implement.”—Ron Cooper, Denver, Colorado

“Nat Coalson is not only a passionate photographer, but also an accomplished digital professional. This combination makes him the perfect instructor.”—George Jardine, Denver, Colorado

“Nat is a very patient, well spoken, educated person; he has a great vocabulary and truly knows (in this case) Lightroom inside and out and can present information in an easy-to-grasp way. He is more than just a lecturer, he is a real teacher.”—Jock Goodman, Waimea, Hawaii

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the personal photography sessions I have had with Nat. Not only is he personable but knowledgeable in the field of photography. He adapts very well to all skill levels in a group and makes sure he pays attention to the matters or questions at hand. I learned a lot of my own eye and style when I was able to print off shots from a previous session and have him critique them at our next session. Thanks, Nat! We will definitely see you again.”—Chanel Podell, Denver, Colorado

“Nat Coalson was recommended to me as someone that would listen to my desires, review my work and then make recommendations that would help me build a partnership that would produce images I’d be proud to display in my home and gallery. Without question, Nat’s lived up to his recommendation. His attention to detail and gentle guidance has been priceless to me.”—Ray Beair, Austin, Texas

SEMINAR: Fine Art Digital Printing with Epson

Sunday, March 20
1-5 pm
Lone Tree Civic Center
8527 Lone Tree Parkway, Lone Tree, CO 80124

Great photographs aren’t truly finished until they’re printed. For generations of photographers, the final print has been the culmination of the creative process and the ultimate expression of the artist. And in our age of digital photography and imaging, everyone can make make prints of their photographs easily and inexpensively.

Unfortunately, many photographers don’t make prints of their photos because they lack knowledge or confidence. Have you resisted printing your work because you don’t know where to start, had prints made by a lab and been disappointed with inferior results, or tried doing it yourself only to find it a frustrating waste of time and money?

Join us for a special presentation by photographer, master printer and Adobe Certified Expert Nat Coalson, who will demystify the process of digital printing and give you the knowledge and confidence to print your work like a pro.

Whether you work with a print lab or make your own prints, this seminar will give you the information you need to get exceptional results.

Epson Stylus Pro 4900Nat will demonstrate the state-of-the-art in fine art inkjet printing systems with the brand new Epson Stylus Pro 4900, one of Epson’s latest generation of printers capable of incredible detail, accurate, vibrant color and gorgeous black and white prints, too. You will be introduced to Epson’s new Signature Worthy line of fine papers and will also see demonstrations of color management solutions from X-Rite, including the ColorMunki.

You’ll learn all about the modern digital printing workflow, including:

  • Correctly calibrating your display
  • Using ICC profiles
  • Choosing the best paper for each image
  • Soft proofing
  • Printing from Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Making black-and-white prints from color originals
  • Preparing files for printing at a lab
  • Archival considerations
  • Coating, laminating, handling and storing prints
  • … and more!

This seminar is sponsored by Lone Tree Photo Club and and is offered exclusively to members of Denver area camera clubs. Space is extremely limited and advance registration is required. The cost of the seminar is only $49 per person.

Digital printing doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Regardless of the kinds of photography you do, if you’re ready to take your work to the next level and start producing beautiful prints, you owe it to yourself to attend this seminar!

Reserve your spot today by emailing [email protected] or calling Nat at 720-936-1015. Payment accepted by check or credit card.

For more information visit:




What paper (or canvas) to use?

A recent question from a client:

"I’m a landscape photographer (not professional) interested in making large prints of my personal collection. They would be mainly for framing in homes. What would be the best medium to print large framed photographs? Can photos only be printed to paper, or do they look good on another medium with giclee. I would love to order some large prints of my photos."

My answer:

"I do a lot of fine art printing for landscape photographers. Most prefer "photo papers" for their work; that is, papers with either a satin or gloss finish. These papers show the widest range of tones and colors and hold detail very well. These prints are typically matted and framed under glass, but can also be laminated to rigid board (ie "plaque mounting") for a different look, usually without glass. My favorite photo papers are Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk (satin) and Harman FB AL (gloss).

I’ve also made a lot of fine art nature prints on canvas. On canvas, the colors don’t pop quite as much, and the blacks aren’t quite as deep as with photo papers. However, for certain images canvas really looks great. (more…)

Epson R1900

These days the Epson R1900 is getting a lot of publicity and Epson is offering discounts.

One of my consulting clients sent me the following email:

“I’m interested getting up to speed with a good-quality printer at home. (Am planning to use you for higher-end printing.)  You mentioned some new technology is coming out.  When I see promotions like this, I figure new capability must be in the pipe soon.   I generally like to buy technology at then beginning of its lifecycle. Do you have any insight”

My response:

This printer is still at the beginning of its life cycle and represents Epson’s latest efforts/improvements; I don’t expect any newer technology advances from them in at least this calendar year.

Right now Epson’s latest offerings are the addition of orange and green inks on “prosumer” models and Vivid Magenta on “professional” models.

But neither represent a huge leap forward in color reproduction.

If you’re ready to take the next steps toward more “serious” printing this would be a good solution; even better would be the R2880.

I suspect the aggressive pricing in the R1900 is in response to market threats from Canon and to a lesser degree HP. I haven’t really kept tabs on these other printers; I’m sticking with Epson for the time being.

Click for more info about the Epson R1900

Using Lightroom for reproduction of original fine art

These days I’m doing a lot of “giclee” reproductions of original fine art in a variety of media including pastels, watercolor and oils.

I’ve found that Lightroom is an ideal environment in which to work up my master images. In particular, the HSL panel is an extremely useful tool when it comes to matching colors in the original paintings.

I begin with a digital capture, either a raw image from a Canon 1Ds Mark III or a scan of a transparency (from  my Epson 750M Pro). Whether working with a raw capture or a TIF scan, I’ve found that I can match colors much more easily in Lightroom than in Photoshop.

For color management on my Mac, I use a LaCie 319 display, X-Rite EyeOne and Pulse. I’ve found that I really can trust what I see in Lightroom to match the print (of course, this also involves soft-proofing for the chosen media in Photoshop prior to printing.)

If you do fine art reproductions, consider integrating Lightroom into your workflow. It’s made a world of difference in mine.

*I will be publishing a white paper on Fine Art Reproduction with Lightroom this summer… stay tuned!

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