Lightroom Filter Bar

A recent question from a student: Hi Nat, I just got back from a shoot and want to look at all photos that I took in a certain range of focal lengths.  (Yes, I know how to filter by lens type but I want to look at a range of focal lengths that span the boundaries of one of my zoom lenses.)  I was able to do this in in LR1.  I suspect I can do it in LR2.

You showed me a shortcut that gave me an advanced query panel in LR2 which is where I think I can do this.  However, I cannot find a reference or note that points me to this.  Can you refresh my memory?

My answer: In Lightroom 2, what you’re looking for is called the Filter Bar. It is activated in the Library Grid by using the key. (It’s also under the View menu > Show Filter Bar)

You can create complex sources using the filter bar, and you can combine different types of filters to produce the exact selection of photos that you want.

You can also save filters for later use.

Keep in mind that the settings on the filter bar are specific to the current source, so make sure you have clicked on the Folder or Collection etc. that you want to filter.

Also, you can use Smart Collections in similar ways but with even more power… we will cover this in future classes.

And there’s lots more about Filters and Smart Collections in my Lightroom 2 book.

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