Lightroom Auto Spot Removal

A recent question from a client:

“I am finding a huge dust issue from my wedding shoot. I am seeing a huge amount of little specs. I Thought my camera was clean, but maybe not. I am healing the spots away, but do you have any suggestions? I also tried to copy and paste some settings but didn’t see a difference in the images. So, I am doing them each one by one.”

My response:

“If you remove spots on one image you can then Sync Settings to apply that spot removal to the other pictures.

When you’re done cleaning up the first one, make sure it’s the only one selected either in the filmstrip or in Library Grid view.

Then select the others and click the Sync Settings button on the bottom right panel.

When the screen comes up to choose what settings you’re syncing, uncheck everything except Spot Removal.

There’s one catch making this work correctly: when you’re doing the first one, don’t move any of the spots. Let Lightroom choose the sample points automatically.

You will likely still need to go through the synced files to make sure the spot removal is good. If there is anything to be fixed you can do it to the individual photos.

This technique can save huge amounts of time once you get the hang of it.”

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