Lightroom Catalog Selection

A question from a reader: Hello Nat, I hope you can help me out as I have a question regarding a LR issue.

When I load LR, it brings up the ‘Select Catalog’ option where I can choose a catalog to work from in LR.  I have 3 catalogs listed…my primary catalog, my wifes primary catalog then I have my backup catalog showing in the list.  How do I remove my backup catalog from the list?  I am afraid that I am going to select the backup catalog do some work then when the scheduled backup runs at night it will wipe out any work I do as my backup is set to mirror primary catalog to
backup catalog.

Any help is much appreciated.  I wish LR would make it easier to remove a catalog from the ‘Select Catalog’ option.

My answer: Hi Chris – Thanks for your email; I am glad to help. I understand your concern about making sure not to accidentally open your backup catalog.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of a way to manually remove a catalog from the suggestion list. However, I do know catalogs that have not been opened using that menu for a long period of time will eventually come off the list on their own.

Here’s what I’d recommend:
Under Preferences > General > Default Catalog, specify your main working catalog to open every time Lightroom starts, and turn off the option for Lightroom to prompt you. (more…)

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