Lightroom and Capture NX

A question from a reader of my Lightroom 2 book:

“I am a Nikon shooter and have been reading you book on Lightroom 2 along with Mike Hagen’s book on Capture NX 2.  Your book is excellent, you are extremely insightful and easy to understand.   After reading both books, it seems like Lightroom is the better program for importing, organizing and exporting photos, but that Capture may be better for processing NEF images.  What are your thoughts? Will this situation change when Lightroom 3 is released?   If you believe that Capture is better for processing NEF, what is the best way to integrate it into the workflow described in your book?”

Dear reader:
“Thanks for your email and for purchasing my Lightroom book. I’m glad to hear you’re finding it useful.

Your question is one I hear a lot, especially from Nikon shooters. Here are my thoughts. (more…)

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