Sony mirrorless cameras: The best for my photography

Sony A7rSeveral years ago I switched camera formats. I am now a dedicated Sony shooter. Here’s the story of how that happened.

For years I had been shooting with Canon DSLR systems. I was happy with the image quality from my 5D Mark II but always struggled to accept the large size, weight and cost of the components of this system.

I wanted a system that was small, light and portable because I travel frequently and carry my camera with me everywhere.

But for a long time, I couldn’t find a small system that offered the capabilities I needed, especially when it came to the quality of the captured images.

That has all changed with the latest offerings from Sony.


About apertures and depth of field

A question from a reader of my Lightroom 2 book:

“Dear Mr. Coalson,
I just recently purchased your book, Lightroom2. I notice that many of your beautifully printed images are done with small aperture settings.

For years, I have shot many landscapes at f22. This seem to go against the grain of conventional wisdom. Many serious photographers refer to a sweet spot in the lens, about f8 or f11.

I shoot with Minolta professional glass; all of my lenses are 2.8s. now I’m using them digitally with a Sony A700 body.

What is your opinion?

As I develop a work flow, I find myself unsure of how much to stop down my exposures on landscapes. I want to keep as much as possible in any given scene in sharp focus.”

My reply:

“Thank you very much for your email, and for purchasing my Lightroom book.

I will be happy to answer your questions re: apertures.

What we’re dealing with here is depth-of-field (DOF). DOF refers to the range of “acceptable” sharpness (or maybe better said “perceptible” sharpness) within the photo. The lens settings for focal length and aperture determine the DOF, based on the distance at which the lens is focused. (more…)

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