Photography Class: Lightroom + Photoshop Roundtrip Workflows

Next class: Tuesday, 31st January 2017
6:30 – 9:30 pm

Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester
£40 per person

Want to perfect your photos with the best quality in the least amount of time? Need to do some complicated retouching on a raw capture? Struggling with vast archives of digital photographs in myriad file formats?

Using one software program for image editing is often not enough. And many photographers have benefitted from Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography plan, which provides affordable access to full versions of both Lightroom and Photoshop.

With this combination, you truly can achieve any result you desire for your photographs. Lightroom excels at image file management, making essential enhancements and output for print and web. Photoshop is peerless when it comes to creating complex composite images using layers and masks, and offers photographers many professional imaging tools not found in any other software.

But sometimes it’s hard to know which app to use to perform a given task. It can be even more challenging to manage the files created within a raw workflow that requires Photoshop editing.


When should you use Lightroom, and when is it best to use Photoshop? What are the best ways to move files between the two? How do you preserve the best quality and reduce unnecessary steps? This is ’roundtrip editing’ at it best.

In this enlightening class, you’ll learn how Lightroom and Photoshop best work together in many of the most common situations you’ll encounter:

  • Making and enhancing HDR and panoramic images
  • Complex retouching
  • Combining multiple images (aka ‘compositing’)
  • New Content-Aware tools and options
  • Preparing files for print and web
  • … and much more

Student Prerequisites

Students should have a good understanding of your computer and operating system, especially including the ability to find, move and copy files anywhere on your computer. This class will focus on Lightroom and Photoshop specifically and we will not be able to cover basic computer skills.

All photographers welcome
This class is the best way to learn powerful techniques and professional tricks you can use to take your photography to the next level… and beyond. Space is very limited, so register today!


Technical notes
This class will generally focus on Adobe Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. However, many techniques will also apply to earlier versions.

You’re welcome to bring your computer to follow along with the demonstrations.

Please understand that during this class we will not be able to address general computer issues. If you’re just starting out using your computer to process pictures, it may be best if you simply watch and take notes. If you have any questions about this, please talk to Nat before attending the class.


Any questions? Phone Nat at 07557 672217

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