Designing the Photograph

Next class: Tuesday, 7th February, 2017
6:30 – 9:30 pm
Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester
£40 per person

As photographers or videographers, we’re all striving to improve our work. Every project provides opportunities to excel at what we do. And we hope (or expect?) that over time our work will become more engaging and effective.

What does it take to continually make better imagery? A new camera? A faster computer? The latest release of your favorite software? Sure, the right gear can help. And you need to constantly improve your technical skills to get the most from your equipment.

But what about your design skills?

When you’re making a photograph or video, do you conscientiously use visual devices to create a specific impression on the viewer? Are you considering how color (or lack of it) affects your audience psychologically? When was the last time you purposefully employed the principles of photographic composition?

Most importantly: does your work effectively express your intentions?

To advance your art takes understanding and application of essential principles of graphic design. In this three hour class, pro photographer and designer Nat Coalson will teach you how to compose still or moving images that grab your audience and don’t let go.

Advance registration and payment required


You will learn what make strong images strong and weak ones weak. How geometry and color affect the viewer’s thought process and determine their response. How proportion and dominance make or break an image. And, yes, you will get a thorough refresher on the fundamentals of composition. Through numerous real-world examples and interactive student exercises, Nat will explain important topics including:

  • Effective composition
  • Psychology of color
  • Foreground/Background, Figure Ground and Depth of Field
  • Guiding your creative process through conscious intention
  • The image as communication
  • Seeing creatively
  • … and much more.

You will come away from this class with the knowledge of how to design your imagery with intention and direction. As a result, you will begin to see dramatic improvement in your photography or videography.

Class is limited to 15 people. Advance registration required.


You do not need to bring a computer. However, if you have a printed portfolio feel free to bring it—there will be time allocated for still image critique. (Sorry, we can’t critique video works in this class; maybe next time.)

Bring a notepad and something to write with.

Questions? Call Nat at 07557 672217

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