For the past several months I’ve really been enjoying several series of shows about contemporary and historical photography on the Ovation channel.

Right now I’m watching a show called Close Up: Photographers at work, about several emerging fine art photographers. Coming up next is a show called Genius of Photography; this one features Jay Maisel.

I haven’t seen shows quite like this anywhere else… but there are other examples of photography featured on TV. For example, Art Wolfe has a show called Travels to the Edge (mainly seen on public television) that is shot in HD and has been running for around a year. My friend Brad Lewis (aka Volcanoman) is slated to do one like Art’s next. It seems clear that photography is more popular than ever; my belief is that digital capture is what has opened this up and I love to see shows about it… it’s very refreshing to see so much documentary television about the art and craft of photography.

Ovation runs these shows about photography very often; most weekends they run photography shows all day long. (Ovation is on DirecTV channel 274; not sure about other systems.)

Check it out!

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