Photography as Fine Art

Laramie County Community College
July 13-17, 2015

Workshop Resources – MONDAY

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Monday Class Handouts


A Quick History of Photography – YouTube

What Is A Photograph? – YouTube

Pictorialism – YouTube

History – Color – YouTube


Nat’s Suggested Books for Fine Art Photography


Fine-art photography – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fine Art Photography: Definition, History, Types

History of Photography as Fine Art – Wikiversity

The Steady Rise Of Fine Art Photography

FPI Gallery | History of Fine Art Photography

John Paul Caponigro – Photo – History

Photography: is it art? | Art and design | The Guardian

Photography | Princeton University Art Museum

Wildlife Photographer Frans Lanting on the Difference Between Taking Pictures and Making Photographs | At the Smithsonian | Smithsonian

Sebastião Salgado’s Advice For Young Photographers Today — Morning Light — Medium

The Fine Art Photography Market’s Most Bankable Stars

Rhein II – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nautilus (photograph) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Pictorialism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


John Paul Caponigro Personal Projects

15 Creative Photography Project Ideas List

30 Ideas to Jump-start Your Photo Theme Project – Photodoto

The Importance of Personal Photography Projects | Photoassist Articles and Information

How to Start Your Own Street Photography Project

Start a Personal Photography Project – Digital Photography School

5 Ways To Define The ‘Why’ Of Your Conceptual Photoshoot


How to write about your photographs | Conscientious Photography Magazine

A Thousand Words: Writing from Photographs – The New Yorker

Writing and photography – is a picture really worth a thousand words? | Sean O’Hagan | Art and design | The Guardian

Worth a Thousand Words: Writing About Your Photographs — GUP

How to Write a Photography Critique: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

Translate Your Photography Skills Into Writing Skills: Here’s How » Psychology for Photographers and other Creative Professionals

Writing About Your Photographs | A Photo Teacher |

Conscientious Extended | Photography and Writing

The Similarities Between Writing and Photography | Brendan’s Adventures

10 Artists Who Write Exceptionally Well About Their Own Work – The Abundant Artist


10 Lessons Lee Friedlander Has Taught Me About Street Photography

4 Less-Known Tricks for Shooting Time Lapse Photography

500px ISO » Stunning Photography, Incredible Stories » 13 Epic Light Painting Shots on 500px

100 Tips from a Professional Photographer

John Paul Caponigro :: Reading


Fine Art Photography: Tips by Huntington Witherill – YouTube

The Art of Photography – YouTube

Commercial Photography vs Fine Art Photography – YouTube

Fine Art Photography – YouTube

Art Movements Through Photography – YouTube

A Quick History of Photography – YouTube

Tilt Shift – YouTube

What Is A Photograph? – YouTube

Learning Photography From Past Master Painters – YouTube

Pictorialism – YouTube

The Photo Secession and Other Historical Clubs – YouTube

History of Photography, Pt. 7 – Color 2 – YouTube


Caponigro Artist Statement

Photoshelter Inspiration

Nature Photographers Image Critique

PPA What to Look for in a Photograph

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