Here’s a quick update from New Zealand. We’re having a great time!

FIrstly, we rented a campervan and it’s worked out well. Along the way, so far, we’ve also had two nights in hotels (Queenstown and Blenheim). We picked up the van in Christchurch and will return it in Auckland (for no extra charge). I highly recommend Wilderness Motorhomes for campervan rental.

We’ve been in the south island for 19 days and have covered a lot of ground, seen the “most important” places and done LOTS of shooting. Every day we’ve shot sunrise thru sunset, souting when not shooting, etc. and getting some nice images. Lots of work, and lots of driving. But very rewarding.

Along the way we’ve met some great people. The kiwis are very accommodating, friendly and helpful. On one occasion, on the West Coast, we pulled the van over to the side of the road to turn around, on a very slight grass embankment, and got stuck! (Yes, on wet grass! The campervan is not really well suited for anything more challenging than a gravel road.) Lucky for us, a road repair crew was just coming down the road and they easily pulled us out. We’ve also had a flat tire. The spare held air, though, and we were able to get the tire repaired for a reasonable cost.

So, thus far, the only real setback was the loss of functionality of my 5D2 after dropping it at Matai falls. Monte’s loaned 5D1 has performed brilliantly, though. I’ve always liked the images that camera puts out. So I’m not suffering too much…

Here are the places we’ve stayed along the way:

  • Flight into Christchurch (thru Auckland)
  • Akaroa
  • Lake Tekapo
  • Moeraki
  • Dunedin/Portobello/Otago Peninsula
  • Kaka Point/Nugget Point
  • Riverton
  • Te Anau
  • Milford
  • Queenstown
  • Wanaka
  • Fox Glacier
  • Reefton
  • Collingwood
  • Marahau
  • Blenheim
  • Picton

Tomorrow we depart the south island and take the ferry to the north island. We’re shooting the Castlepoint lighthouse tomorrow night, which I’m really looking forward to.

I will post some more details of our travels on the north island in the coming week, and of course, more photos. Until then, all the best to you!

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