From a recent email…

“Question for you…

I downloaded a trial of Lightroom to get a feel for it – like most Adobe programs, it’s not extremely intuitive w/o the help of a professional. Would this be worth the investment if I were (1) taking 40-50+ photos per week and (2) took a class on using it.

And I think this is pretty much equivenlent to Aperture – would you recommend one above the other?”

– End quote

My reply:

“Thanks for inquiring about Lightroom. It’s an excellent platform for processing and managing digital photographs.

Your initial apprehension is understandable, though. Lightroom presents a new way of working with images, and many photographers – including experienced professionals – are having some difficulty mastering the new workflow.

That being said, in my my opinion, Lightroom is far and away the most important software application for photographers today, especially folks shooting entirely digital.

Apple’s Aperture is positioned similarly to Lightroom, but in my opinion pales in comparison. Lightroom was designed and developed by a large number of established pro photographers, whereas Aperture was primarily conceived by software engineers. It shows.

If you are capturing 40-50 new pictures per week, you’re going to need an image cataloging program such as Lightroom. The ability to add keywords and perform searches on your image library adds huge value both to your previous work and the photos you’ve yet to take.

I wholeheartedly recommend that you attend one of my Lightroom classes, using the trial version, and decide for yourself. I think you’ll become as big a fan of Lightroom as many pros – and my previous students – have.

Please feel free to email any questions or concerns I might address.”

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