A question from a friend: I accidentally did a sync settings and it affected everything in a library.  Is there a way to force an undo back to “as shot” on all the JPGs and DNGs in the library?

My response: This is easy to do, and you have a couple of options for how to approach it.

Option 1: Undo the Sync by pressing Cmd-Z or Ctrl-Z, or selecting the Undo command under the Edit menu.

Option 2: if you can’t undo the sync (such as due to quitting Lightroom and coming back later, or for any other reason) you can Reset the photos.

If you want to Reset everything in the catalog, you can use the All Photographs image source for this. In the Library module, click on All Photographs in the Catalog panel.

If you only want to Reset some of the photos, you need to create a filtered source. You can use the Filter Bar or Smart Collections for this (more about this is in my Lightroom 2 book).

In either case, once you have the photos showing that you want to Reset, select them all (Cmd-A or Ctrl-A).

With the photos selected, press Shift-Cmd-R or Shift-Ctrl-R to Reset the photos’ Develop settings. (In the Library module, the Reset command is under the Photo > Develop Settings menu.)

Be careful when resetting; it will remove any adjustments you’ve made to the selected photos.

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