Martin’s question is: can you change your photos to TIFFs in Lightroom after they have been imported?

My answer: Within Lightroom, you can convert files to TIF (or any of the other supported formats) in two ways:

1. Under the Photo menu, select “Edit Photo in Photoshop CS3” (or whatever the main external editor is). Choosing this option will allow you to export a TIF or PSD image that is automatically imported into Lightroom and can be stacked with the original. The default behaviors of the Edit in External Editor is set in Preferences; you can’t specify color space, resolution, size etc. in the Edit dialog box.

2. Under the File menu, choose “Export…” and modify the settings in the dialog box to your liking. When the export is finished, you will then need to import the new TIF (or other file format) back into Lightroom. You can do this either by using the File > Import dialog box, or by selecting the folder where the new TIF now resides (in the left panel of Library) and choosing Synchronize Folder from either the file or contextual menus.

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