A recent question from a client:

Where do the LR backup files go in v 1.3.1. I have a “Backup” folder in my LR folder with a long list of LR backup files. However, since mid Dec (about the time I upgraded to 1.3.1) there have been no new backup files created. And I can’t find the LR backup file when I do a search from Finder. So to make sure I’ve got a backup, I’m manually coping my current lrcat file to my backup drives. Any suggestions?

Also, how many older versions of the backup files do you keep. I’m about to delete all but the last 5 backup files. Don’t see much need in keeping the older files. Am I missing anything?”

My answer:

“Each Lightroom catalog has its own settings for backups.

Go to File > Catalog Settings. On the General tab you will see the settings for backup frequency and location.

From here, you can determine if and where LR has been performing backups.

I only keep a couple of recent backups. A really old one has no use to me.

Also, the way you’ve been doing it – manually copying – is totally OK.

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