After a month-long trip to New Zealand, shooting sunrise to sunset and beyond, Monte Trumbull and I came up with a short list of a few things we’d like to see in the next full version release of Lightroom (in no particular order).

  • Point curves
  • Point curves!
  • Point curves!!
  • Info overlays in Survey view
  • Info overlays: add white balance temperature and tint values
  • During an Import, undo should not affect any operations related to the Import.
  • Individual histograms in Survey and Compare
  • Mini-histograms on Library thumbnails
  • More control over vignetting – Photoshop blend modes?
  • Thumbnail size should be source-specific
  • Renaming folders – hangs on Windows, especially when the folder is the current source
  • When doing Select All > Save Metadata to Files, very often throws an error (1 photo failed) etc. and LR hangs during this time
  • After successful Import completes, instead of ending up in Previous Import source, end up in the Folder.
  • Stacks made in folders should carry over to Collections
  • Allow photos to be a member of multiple stacks
  • User settings (nameplate, panel widths, preferences and settings etc.) should not be specific to a catalog; they should be global to the computer user account
  • Add a Keyword List to the Import screen
  • Add Import Presets (not just reverting whatever setting were in last import)
  • Better batch Importing
    – Be able to apply different filenames, folders, keywords all at once
    – Import Sets/Import Collections etc. to separate sets of images captured on a single card

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