Lightroom 3 is now available for purchase/download from the Adobe web site.

My new book, Lightroom 3: Streamlining your Digital Photography Process, will also be available at midnight tonight. (Purchases now are “pre-order”; the book is being printed and will be shipped next week.)

My new Lightroom 3 book includes coverage of all the latest features, plus lots of advice on workflow and best practices for handling your photo library, and processing individual images to perfection.

My first Lightroom book (on version 2) was very well received. This one is even better… with lots more information and instruction on how to get the most out of this most essential photo software.

I’ll be posting some links directly to the online book retailers later this week. In the meantime, go to, and search for “Coalson Lightroom”; after midnight tonight you’ll find the new book (along with the previous version).

Please email me or post replies here if you have any questions. Hope the new book is really helpful for you!!

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