A question from a client:

“Doing your Photoshop course has told me it is time to get an SLR. I was wondering a) if you had any recommendations or b) if you could recommend a good photography shop in the area that I go in and find out some options.”

My answer:

Your choice of DSLR depends largely on finding the right balance between budget and the features you absolutely need. For me to make a recommendation on a specific camera I’d need that info. You’ll want to consider how you will use the camera and what lenses/accessories/features you will need for the kind of shooting you do.

But generally speaking, you’ll get great results with any of the consumer- to prosumer-level SLRs from Canon or Nikon. You get a bit more for your money with Canon; Nikon’s quality is also excellent though; just a bit more pricey.

Canon: 30D, Rebel XTi
Nikon: D80

You might also want to check out at DSLRs from Pentax, Sony and Olympus – they are very good, too, and you get a lot for your money.

There’s an excellent online resource at DPreview

And you can go to local camera stores to hold them in your hands and see how they feel and how the controls work.

All modern DSLRs have essentially the same features and capabilities; the main differences are in the feature specifications, resolution and image quality and build quality. It’s worth shopping around a bit before purchasing.

When you’re ready to buy, I highly recommend B&H Photo.

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