Update on my Adobe Lightroom books

As you may know, I’ve written three instructional books on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (for versions 2, 3 and 4). They have been well received by the photo community and I’m very grateful for the support and positive feedback I’ve received about these books. For each edition, I’ve done my very best to provide clear, comprehensive instruction on how to use this most important photo software.

Adobe recently released Lightroom 5 — an important update. Since then, I’ve received an incredible number of inquiries from photographers asking when (or if) my new book on Lightroom 5 will come out.

When my publisher approached me earlier this year asking me to write the update to Streamlining Your Digital Photography Process, I had a lot of soul-searching to do. As an artist first and foremost, writing software manuals is honestly not my favorite thing to do. I wrote the three editions out of a desire to help other photographers and contribute to the promotion of Lightroom; I believe it’s the best software currently available for all kinds of photographers and I want people to know how to use it effectively.

Lightroom 5: Streamlining Your Digital Photography ProcessFor the time being, I’ve decided not to continue writing printed Lightroom books. Rob Sylvan, a well known Lightroom expert and all around great guy, has picked up the torch for me. He wrote the new edition of Lightroom 5: Streamlining Your Digital Photography Process, incorporating much of my previous text from earlier editions. (All the new material on Lightroom 5 was written by Rob.) Rob was also the author of Lightroom for Dummies and runs the support desk for National Association of Photoshop Professionals; he’s an experienced trainer and writer and although I haven’t yet read his Lightroom 5 book, I expect it will be fantastic.

Though I will continue to teach and write about Lightroom in various media and venues, I wanted my readers to know not to expect more printed Lightroom books from me, at least not in the near future.

Please feel free to comment here or contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to continuing to support my students and colleagues throughout the photography industry in new, more innovative ways. Stay tuned to this blog and register to receive my newsletter for exciting announcements as they develop.

As the saying goes, “onward and upward”!

New Book: Astratto Uno

I’ve just released my first self-published book (and my fifth overall). The new title is also my first photography book exclusively featuring my abstract work. It’s available both as a 154-page printed version and a downloadable PDF version optimized for screen display.

For more details and to order, click here

My next book

I’m writing a new book on Nature Photography as part of Wiley’s Photo Workshop series…. printed copies should hit the streets in early 2011.

My Lightroom 3 eBook

My new book Lightroom 3: Streamlining your Digital Photography Process is now available as an eBook through the following retailers:





I bought my copy from the second one – Diesel – and it worked out very well. The only potential problem I see is that the screen shots are somewhat low resolution, but I think all in all the publisher did a pretty good job with the eBook version.

My New Lightroom 3 Book

I’m writing a new book about Lightroom 3 for my publisher, Wiley. It’s called Lightroom 3: Streamlining your Digital Photography Process and is a follow up to my previous book on version 2. Expected release Feb/March 2010. Stay tuned…

My Lightroom Book is Done!

After six months of writing and designing, this morning I sent off the last of the files for printing. My first book is done!

The final title (as determined by the publisher):

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2: Streamlining Your Digital Photography Workflow

Yeah, I know it’s a mouthful… try searching for Coalson Lightroom instead.

The book is available for preorder on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, under its old working title (Lightroom 2 Professional Shortcuts). As far as I know the price remains as posted.

I don’t yet have a printing or distribution schedule, but it’s on the fast track to hit the shelves… hopefully before LR3 is released 😉

Thanks to all who helped me with the project, especially Charles (CAZ) Zimmerman, Monte Trumbull, Mimi Brodt and Courtney Allen.

I look forward to hearing your comments about the material and the book format. Here’s to more learning!

Some great books…

Many of my students ask about additional resources and recommended reading. Below are some books I’ve found very helpful.

Photographing the World Around You – Freeman Patterson
The Tao of Photography – Gross & Shapiro
Learning to See Creatively – Bryan F. Peterson
Creative Nature and Outdoor Photography – Brenda Tharpe
Photography and the Art of Seeing – Freeman Patterson
The A-Z of Creative Photography – Lee Frost

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