You can load multiple images into Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) from Bridge. Simply shift-select a range of images and do one of the following:

1. Press Cmd+O (Ctrl+O) to open the files into ACR being hosted by Photoshop.

2. Press Cmd+R (Ctrl+R) to open the files into ACR being hosted by Bridge.

Once in ACR, you can select individual images from the filmstrip to apply adjustments or change settings for multiple images. You can synchronize adjustments between files.

When you’re done making any adjustments to the raw image settings, press Cmd+A or Ctrl+A to select all the files in the filmstrip, or shift-select specific images to be batch processed.

At the bottom right of the ACR window, click one of the following buttons:

1. Click Save… to convert the raw files and save as a different format, such as DNG or PSD, without opening the files.

2. Click Open to convert the raw files and open them into Photoshop.

3. Click Done to apply all the changes you made to image settings without converting or opening the images.

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