The Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) plug-in will run from within Photoshop and Bridge.

To apply a saved preset or ACR default settings to multiple images, select all the desired raw image files in Bridge and then either double-click one of them or press CTRL+O (or the Command [Apple Key]+O on Mac).

Select multiple files in Bridge
This opens all the selected files in Filmstrip mode in ACR. You will see all the chosen files in a vertical filmstrip running down the left side of the window.

Filmstrip mode in Adobe Camera Raw

From here, you can choose to apply a preset to all or some of the images (use Select All, Shift Select, Control Select etc.).

You can then continue to fine-tune settings for individual images.

When you’re done adjusting settings in ACR, use the Save Image…, Open or Done buttons to move them through the workflow.

Using this method, you can batch process large numbers of images in ACR and save them, for example, as resized JPGs for web, DNG files with embedded metadata, whatever.

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